The Argument Against NYSC

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  1. Kae says:

    Very interesting read

  2. Gbade says:

    Lol, all this whining and moaning. Get over it. There are grounds on which you can redeploy to a state of your own choosing within your own comfort. Physically ill people or with perculiar health conditions, pregnant women, women with children, newly weds, married couples. These conditions get corpers redeployment. Yes, the system is messed up and has outlived its original intentions but it does have its merit. You meet and discover about other cultures, you gain exposure not by just staying in your comfort zone. You talk about volatile regions – i concede to that point, but your talk about harassment and then some security is some BS, I had female corpers in my posting that didn’t experience all what you wrote, as a matter of fact, we got to talk back several times and even protested against the soldiers on camp – so don’t give me some sample space that can barely represent the entirety of your claims when you haven’t even experienced such claims. As an aside, the Youth Service is meant to be a paramilitary service, you are lucky you only get to prance around for a year in khaki, countries like Israel, South Korea, Germany mandate every youth go through 2 years compulsory military service, where deaths may occur, so quit your whining.

  1. January 31, 2015

    […] millions of  Nigerian abroad who would come back to Nigeria to help in her developmental process. Here is a critique of NYSC, by a friend of mine; I believe is worth reading to truly understand this speaker’s dilemma to a […]

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