Shhhhhh! You are Female.

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3 Responses

  1. atl_dunni says:

    Nice write-ups dear.

    But our having penis is also a huge responsibility nowwwwwwnowwwwww. Ugh
    Just kidding. Lol ✌

  2. Thought provoking… I didn’t realize it until I noticed I was sitting up straight in my chair. It’s made me a bit more self-assured as a woman.

  3. Muyeezus says:

    I love this. Shared everywhere. Only problem tho, “men should teach their sons”.

    I don’t know, I feel it’s more of a job for both parents. Afterall, it’s said that children get ~80% of their intelligence from their mothers. Asides that, what happens in a family where there is no father figure? Would the sons be justifiably allowed to treat women as inferior?

    It’s a work for both parents. They have equal share in teaching the value, difference and respect for both gender.

    Again, great post!

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