Saworoide: A Future in Retrospect.

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5 Responses

  1. timi says:

    In plain truth this generation is ignorant of what is going on out in their backyard how much less the society, Its no wonder they coverup their ignorance by reading front headies on social media.

  2. osmoses says:

    Whao, nice peace darling.

  3. B.Beauty says:

    The truth is most “adult ‘children'” like you said know the importance of ignoring brown envelopes and cups of rice, but they will say chance ‘ll never permit them to say NO. However, the “shoeless administration”(funny though) has been tucked into the position like a man’s penis into his wife’s gateway just for the purpose of childbearing and nothing more, the admin does nothing different from what “everybody” knows Nigeria leaders to do. Nevertheless, individuals has more allegiance to pay to our land of birth in serving our fatherland.

  4. Fischer says:

    Prolifically written article, laying bare the truth of our seeming ignorance and disinterest in laying the foundations for a firm socio-political future.

  5. Penactor says:

    Now trending on twitter, is this # WeBelieveInNigeria thing. I wonder who the ‘we’ are- the so-called twitter celebrities or the politicians who are using them?

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