Fleeing Cinema Halls- October 1

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10 Responses

  1. kae says:

    Hahahahahaha! Hilarious piece! Somehow, I doubt this will go down well with the myriad of fans out there….interesting.

  2. Ace says:

    This review just got me interested in seeing the movie. I wasn’t in a hurry before cos all the reviews said good things about it. Welldone and thanks for showing us what is not good about the movie. However, you did sound like you have a general dislike for the movie and you were cheated by the positive reviews. The points you listed are things we see in many movies – both in Hollywood and Nollywood- and thus are hardly enough reasons to dismiss the film. I definitely have to see for myself.

  3. Ryta says:

    Veronica you trapped me, well done! Now is time to see October 1 for myself. Hilarious review…

  4. Jacques says:

    Seriously? Tunde Babalola? Was it poor directing? Naa am sure its too much expectation. I must go and see for myself.

  5. Miss C says:

    Beautiful piece. Was so well written I was hooked. Got so carried away that I failed to realize you didn’t have much of a point till I was done reading. Just another of those compulsive needs to write a review that differ from the rest. Was hopingfor something more constructive. Movie had some flaws but please…and you left before it was over? Really? But yeah I have to admit the flow of this piece is very good.

  6. Richard says:

    God bless you. My buddy and I left the cinema wondering if we had seen the same movie that had been so hyped. It was really poor storytelling and substandard acting from Sadiq. Technically, as with every Kunle Afolayan flick, it was good and for that I say thumbs up. Other than that, I feel scammed. Ok now I’m out.

  7. lex says:

    The brand of weed is called “kiss kunle afolayan’s butt”. Its very rare.

  8. lex says:

    The weed is called “kiss kulne afolayan’s but” laced with a shot of mediocrity. Its very popular in this part of the world

  9. mark olakunle says:

    Tunde is highly overrated. I saw the movie and I think a million things were wrong with it, the only things good are the technicals. Kunle acted like a fool himself especially where he had to cry. Sadiq was my reason for watching this movie but I was disappointed too. Kunle wasted that title cuz I thought the movie was about Nigeria and it’s independence but no. Shame! It’s also a tribalist film

  10. Ace says:

    I agree with you on the wasted title.

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