A New Face To Religious Intolerance

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2 Responses

  1. timothy says:

    I totally agree with the writer. Many Nigerians are so poor that it has affected their sense of reasoning such that they rush to accept what any charlatan tells them using the name of God. They have turned these so-called men of God into gods which they now worship and flock to seeking one miracle or the other. If the economic situation of the country was better than it is and not so many Nigerians are poor, these so-called men of God won’t have had such a large of pool of people(ignoramuses) to deceive and defraud!

  2. Sege Bee says:

    I thoroughly agree with this post. Religious institutions have a moral obligation to uphold the law. There is no doubt that over the years due to corruption, poverty and illiteracy, certain institutions have used this thirst for spirituality of the masses to sweep certain actions under the carpet. Had it been the average Joe, the authorities would have taken over the sight. Are there two laws or is the government saying that the same law doesn’t apply to everybody?

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