7 Must-Read African Books

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3 Responses

  1. edgothboy says:

    A list of contemporary African must read authors without Lauren Beukes? Smh.

  2. GirlWhoReads says:

    I’ve read 4 and 1/2 of the books, but I will look out for the rest. While these indeed cover wider themes, we do ourselves a huge disservice by writing our past according to the stereotypes that happen to reign.

    I remember spending a lot of time in my secondary school library (years before Chimamanda thought of writing) reading books from an Eastern African book series which covered a good range of themes, detective to romance. These books have been out there, people have always written wide, we need to ask ourselves why we don’t know about them before assuming they didn’t exist at all.
    I’m only 10years older than the author, so no excuse.

  3. Lalolo says:

    A book list in which I’ve only read two?? Unthinkable. Thanks for opening my eyes to these other ones. I will get a move on immediately. Perhaps consider starting a book of the month club?

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